Order Our Sand in Aurora

Arena Sand

Medium to fine sand with a minimum of 25% silt and sub soil.
Use: Indoor and outdoor riding arenas and exercise tracks.

Sand Fill

Medium to fine sand with some silt.
Use: Backfilling foundations and sewer and water main trenches.

Brick Sand

2.36mm to 0mm fine sand.
Use: mix with masonry Portland to make mortar for brick and block laying, backfilling electrical cable trenches, swimming pool liners, children play areas and leveling base areas for interlocking and flag stone.

Winter Sand

4.75mm to 0mm coarse clean sand.
Use: Winter ice control mixed with road salt.

Filter Sand

1.18mm to 150µm washed sand.
Use: Septic systems and various filtration systems.

Tile Bed Sand

6.7mm to 0mm well graded sand with less than 10% passing 75µm sieve.
Use: Area septic systems and mantle for filter beds.

Concrete Sand

4.75mm-less than 3% passing 75µm sieve washed sand.
Use: Mix with 50% concrete stone and Portland cement to make concrete. Also used for drainage, children's play grounds, and cement grouting.